What is GIPO?

Waste Processed by the GIPO Waste to Energy System

SWPS processes wet biomass and waste into energy

Garbage In – Power Out!

The first Wet Gasification Process in the World!

GIPO is not only a waste to energy technology but mindset that we use at SWPS.  It means that energy efficiency is equally as important as waste destruction.  It is the reason that we can boast profitability for our customers with equipment of a small scale.  Due to low efficiency, competitors in the field focus on either waste destruction with some power generation, or power generation with a small amount of waste destruction.  No other technology has been able to successfully marry the two sides of the equation.

What is the GIPO Philosophy?

  • Waste Stream is accepted as-is

  • Holistic Process Approach

  • Performance based results

  • Modular, scalable design concept

Why is a GIPO System a Different Waste to Energy System?

The GIPO Processes Wet Problematic Waste

SWPS’s patented GIPO Technology is unlike any other waste or biomass conversion technology in the world.  The GIPO Process does not require waste to be dried before converting the material to energy.  GIPO Technology thrives on a wet waste feedstock because it uses the water entrained in the waste to convert it to Synthetic Natural Gas.  The elimination of the drying process, a major energy expense of other technologies, materially magnifies the effectiveness and efficiency of the GIPO Process when compared to any other conversion technology.  As a result, GIPO Technology produces more end usable energy from the converted waste stream at considerable cost savings.  For example, GIPO Technology is able to produce 85% more energy than incineration for the same given amount of waste, without the environmental impacts of incineration and at considerably smaller scale.

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