SWPS Validates the GIPO Process

White GIPO Flame Ignites a Stick

White GIPO Flame Ignites a Stick

October 18th will be a red letter day for Sustainable Waste Power Systems.  Today we made fire!

Because the GIPO Process produces pure natural gas, the flame is nearly invisible.  We put a stick into the flame to confirm that we had combustion on the output.  You can see a video of the run at: First Carbon Run

Picture description:

  1. There is a ¼” diameter pipe in the bottom of the picture, discharging the synthetic fuel upwards.
  2. The igniter is lighting the gas on fire, and there is a faint white flame.
  3. The flame is hitting the stick, and is lighting the stick on fire.
  4. The Orange flames are the products of combustion from the stick.
  5. The gas temperature leading to the flare was only 120 degrees F, which would NOT ignite a wooden stick!