SWPS Prototype Moves to City College of New York

On November 4, 2014, SWPS moved the prototype to Dr. Castaldi’s Combustion and Catalysis Lab (CCL) within the City College of New York (CCNY). (Image 1, Pictured: left to right: Michael Lugo (Chemical Engineering MS Candidate), Dr. Castaldi (Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering) and Jeffrey Leblanc (Chemical Engineering PhD Candidate). (Image 2, Prototype Move)

Dr. Castaldi, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering is the Director of the Earth Engineering Center at CCNY (EEC|CCNY), an international organization that supports several students and post docs that focuses on recovering energy and materials from wastes. EEC|CCNY is recognized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as the foremost research group on the chemical kinetics of converting wastes to energy.

SWPS teamed with EEC|CCNY through the City University of New York (CUNY)-Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) program to conduct research and development on the prototype gasifier developed by SWPS. This collaboration is focused on commissioning the SWPS prototype at CCNY Grove School of Engineering and to conduct research and development activities through MS and PhD Theses. The major thrust of the collaboration will be to investigate the feasibility and efficiencies of gasifying biomass waste residuals. A prototype gasifier will enable students to conduct practical research while learning about the real potential of utilizing solid waste as a feedstock to produce energy. This project will result in the unprecedented ability for students, from undergraduate to PhD level, to experience first-hand the efforts associated with developing and optimizing a novel technology. The goal of this collaboration is to establish CCNY as the research arm where various waste feedstocks can be tested, students can be trained on a large-scale gasifier converting low-value materials into energy and understanding the fundamental underpinnings of biomass gasification.

The prototype is currently located in the cellar of CCNY’s engineering building, Steinman Hall (Image 3). The Research and Development Manager of SWPS, Ms. Claudine Ellyin, has been allocated office space within the Chemical Engineering Department to ensure close collaboration with Professor Castaldi, students and potential sponsors.