Sustainable Waste Power Systems Presents ModuCore at the 2015 Emerson Exchange

Sustainable Waste Power Systems showcased the ModuCore system at the Emerson Global Users Exchange Conference, held October 12th to October 16th in Denver, Colorado.   SWPS joined other leading organizations in presenting solutions to complex control issues and problems. The conference provided a first-hand look at a wide range of innovation automation technology and solutions through a series of over 300 workshops.

Emerson Global Users Exchange is a non-profit organization chartered to provide a forum for the open exchange of non-proprietary information among the users and Emerson Process Management with an emphasis on the enabling technologies and the solutions and services of Emerson Process Management.

Along with account manager, Chris Sneath from Control Associates, Chief Technology Officer, Michael Gillespie presented the ModuCore onsite waste to energy system and the control methodologies and solutions to various design criteria and objectives.  The workshops were well attended with representatives from the paper manufacturing, craft brewer, wastewater treatment, oil and gas industries as well as process engineering consultants.  According to Chris Gillespie, President and CEO of SWPS, “Presenting at the Emerson Global Users Exchange gives us the opportunity to showcase our GIPO technology to a very sophisticated and diverse audience.”