Sustainable Waste Power Systems to Establish its Headquarters in Kingston, NY

Sustainable Waste Power Systems would soon be relocating to Kingston, NY as a part of the Start-UP NY Program. Kingston Times published an article on this move on 9th January 2015.

The article talked about the Start UP NY Program, the role Sustainable Waste Power Systems would play in helping the economy of Kingston NY and its possible affiliation with SUNY Ulster. During the interview conducted by Kingston Times, Chris Gillespie, the CEO of Sustainable Waste Power Systems said, “Connecticut has its own priorities and agenda, and we don’t fit into that. As we were looking for good places to grow the company, we saw the Start-Up NY program and we were very aggressive to be part of that program.”

Sustainable Waste Power Systems hopes to create at least 39 jobs in the region to support the expansion of the company along with the economy of the region. This moves comes at a time when the company is ready with its first commercial system and is looking for a business friendly government that can support the business expansion of SWPS in the coming years. The renewable and clean energy solution of Sustainable Waste Power Systems would not only help with the renewable portfolio of NY state but would also help in clean and environment friendly waste management and reduction.

To access the complete article, please click on the link below.

Kingston Times Article on Sustainable Waste Power Systems