Sustainable Waste Power Systems is Engineering Without Borders

Sustainable Waste Power Systems is proud to support our Assistant Chief Engineer Joseph Zambito as he travels to Uganda to support the Engineers Without Borders program. This marks Mr. Zambito’s third trip abroad to participate in the program. Joey has been actively involved with EWB since his days as an engineering student at Manhattan College. Joey serves as the technical mentor for Columbia University Engineers Without Borders Chapter – Uganda Project. Which involves the installation of Multi-Function Platforms (MFPs) in developing areas.

Four Multi-Function Platforms (MFPs) have been installed as part of this program thus far, in Orungo and Usuk in 2009 and in Tubur and Anyara in 2010 and one rainwater harvesting system in Soroti.  Communities in the region have experienced many hardships due to armed conflict, cattle raids, and inconsistent harvests from climate change. However, strong leadership at the community level has allowed these communities to stay on their land in the face of these troubles while sustaining pride and respect for both their land and community members.  The overall goal of the MFP project is to increase the livelihoods of participating communities by decreasing the amount of time spent on hard labor and enabling the value addition of raw products through agricultural processing.  Decreasing the amount of time devoted to subsistence farming and increasing income generation through this project will provide the time and funds necessary for individuals to obtain an education or pursue community initiatives.  The implementation of new  MFP’s will be phased over two trips with the goal of installing a total of four MFPs (two per trip) and assessing additional communities for future pilot program sites.


Prior to joining SWPS, in 2012 Mr. Zambito was recognized by ENR New York as one of their top 20 engineers under 40. In addition to his work with EWB, Joey has worked on award winning projects improving heating and domestic hot water systems for underserved residents in New York City’s public housing projects, and provided critical disaster relief as part of FEMA teams responding to natural disasters around the United States. We are proud to have engineers like Joey Zambito as part of our team, and we look forward to bringing our revolutionary technologies to the developing world.