Prototype Demonstrations Update

The team has been putting some spit and polish on the prototype, and have cleaned up a little themselves.  We’ve been putting some finishing touches on the system, and we wanted to notify you of some changes in our road trip schedule.  We’ll update this page as timing and venues update, along with the calendar.

To recap, the dates and times have changed for our Connecticut and Louisiana events as follows:

We have demonstrations scheduled for April 8th April 15th at 2:00 pm for the Town of Ridgefield in Connecticut and April 17th through the 24th April 22nd through the 25th for Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana.  These informative demonstrations review the GIPO process for prospective customers and investors.


Look for us traveling through your town, we’ll be making history as we pass through!

We’ll be travelling along interstate 95 on the East Coast, and interstate 10 on the Gulf Coast.  Contact us to schedule a stop at your location!