ModuCORE’s Testing Shows Strong Results

On August 26th, 2015, Sustainable Waste Power Systems (SWPS) and the Earth Engineering Center at City College of New York (EEC_CCNY) conducted initial performance testing of the GIPOplant system.  The successful operation demonstrated strong results even when running the system at low process reactor temperatures. After some modifications, SWPS expects to operate the system at the upper range of temperatures which should improve the results.

However, even at this non-optimal range, the testing proves that the GIPOplant is the most thermally efficient wet waste conversion technology available.  Ongoing testing and modifications will only improve this result!

The test was conducted using a corn slurry feedstock, containing 86-88% water content by weight.  Key performance indicators from this initial test include:

  1. Overall Thermal Efficiency of 67% (!!!)
  2. Carbon conversion efficiency of 61.3%, Fuel Conversion Efficiency of 56%
  3. Solid mass reduction of 82% (!!!)
  4. Synthetic Fuel Gas energy content of 345 BTU/scf
Fuel Gas Comp. Mol %
H2 30.37
O2 0.91
N2 5.55
CH4 11.25
CO 11.19
CO2 34.77
C2H4 5.18
C2H6 0.32
C2H2 0.45
TOTAL 100.00

SWPS is happy to publish these results and has available the report from the Earth Engineering Center to those who email us at  
Watch for updates on the website as more data becomes available!