Live Demonstration of ModuCORE from February 3 – February 5, 2016

Converting Wet Waste (up to 80% water) efficiently and cost effectively into energy!

A new and truly disruptive technology

The patented GIPO system from Sustainable Waste Power Systems, Inc.


You are invited to attend a demonstration of the GIPO System

GIPO is a modular system that can convert any wet waste stream to energy.  Its ideal feedstock is a waste stream of between 60% and 80% moisture.  The immediate by-product of the stand alone system is a synthetic gas that runs the system and steam that can be used as an heat source. The resulting ash content representing less than 5% of the waste stream is readily disposable without any environment limitations.  With add on modules GIPO can also provide:

  • HVAC capability
  • Electric power generation by use of off the shelf turbines
  • Potable and grey water

The system is ideal for processing any wet waste such as animal farm waste, distillery waste, and food waste.  It is also capable of processing other forms of waste that have a high water content.

Test verified by the Earth Engineer Center at City College of New York under the direction of Dr. Marco Castaldi, one of the nation’s leading experts in gasification, confirm that GIPO is at least four times (4X) more efficient than any other system for the conversion of wet waste to energy.pic2





The Event


Syn-Fuel from waste stream containing 89% water.

The Demonstrations will be held over three days, Wednesday February 3rd, Thursday February 4th and Friday February 5th.

There will be two sessions each of those days; one held at 1:00 pm and the other at 3:00 pm.

The demonstrations will be held at:

LoDolce Machine Company

196 Malden Turnpike


New York 12477

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Please reserve your spot at a session by Clicking Here.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you see you there!!

The GIPO Technology

Sustainable Waste Power System are the pioneers in the thermal conversion of wet waste into clean and efficient energy.  We have invented and developed the world’s only on-site modular system capable of processing feedstock with a moisture content between 60% and 80%.
ModuCore is the groundbreaking product that boasts the highest wet waste thermal conversion efficiency in the world due to our patented Garbage In/Power Out or GIPO, technology.  The GIPO process eliminates the need to pre-dry biomass for energy production.The ModuCore is a compact, continuous feed system that utilizes the entrained water to beneficially conserve, recycle and reclaim energy.  The system converts the carbon in the waste material into a high quality Synthesis Fuel for use within the system, while reclaiming at least 75% of that energy for beneficial use by your facility.Built within an ISO standard 40′ hi-cube shipping container, the system meets all over the highway transportation and shipping requirements and is easily transported and installed.

pic 3 pic 4

The ModuCore GIPOplant – On-site waste to energy system.