Waste Management

Waste ManagementThere is little in our lives that is as pervasive as garbage.  We personally handle waste, dispose of it into trash receptacles, sort it into categories of paper, glass, metal, etc., and when the collection of trash completely fills the bin we cart it to the curb.  From there we pay a company or entity directly or through our taxes to transport the garbage away for recycling or to be dumped into a landfill.  The transportation, processing, and ultimate disposal all produce large costs for each of us and society as a whole.  Money, environmental damage, land use, and underutilized/lost resources are the costs we pay for the waste we generate individually on a daily basis.

There is a better way.  One of Sustainable Waste Power Systems’ (SWPS) founding goals was to harness the unutilized potential of the world’s waste.  It seemed somehow wrong to us that a world fueled by drilling, mining, and burning fossil fuels is the same world that takes billions of tons of carbon based waste and simply discards it into piles or spends enormous energy to process it.

SWPS GIPO technology processes a wide variety of waste streams with very little energy, leveraging the energy in carbon based waste to fuel the waste destruction process.

While every SWPS product processes some sort of waste steam, we have specific products that are tailored to the collection, transport, and disposal of residential waste materials.  These products can transform waste management practices for the largest of cities to the remotest of outposts.  Simply put, GIPO technology can eliminate the need for long haul transportation requirements, land use fees, and certain environmental remediation requirements.  GIPO technology would mean significant individual cost savings for waste management needs, and massive budget savings for local communities.

Below are Sustainable Waste Power Systems’ offerings for the waste management industry utilizing our GIPO technology: