Waste Suction HoseMilitary facilities at home and abroad, as well as ad hoc deployment locations, are massively complex operations. It’s difficult to contemplate all the comprising systems, processes, procedures, and personnel required to sustain land-based operations within a theater of operations. Although waste management is not the core business of deployed forces, it’s a large cost, stewardship, and even security concern.

A deployed force may be faced with:

  • A lack of fixed infrastructure to support waste management activities;
  • It is likely to be spread over significant distances;
  • The task of waste management is competing for resources against important operational imperatives;
  • Enemy interdiction can interrupt waste management activities;
  • Multiple systems necessary to handle different waste streams which include everything from sewage to sensitive document disposal; and
  • In most situations, the deployed force is subject to the same range of legal requirements as a garrison-based force.

101117-N-9706M-326Sustainable Waste Power Systems (SWPS) has designed and engineered a waste to energy solution utilizing our GIPO technology that is containerized, highly portable, and greatly reduces the supply chain, operations requirements, and infrastructure foot print required in military facility management. Our single system can deal with:

•  Solid Putrescible waste (mainly food scraps),
•  Solid Inert waste (i.e. non-biodegradable and non-hazardous),
•  Grey Water (mainly from washing activities),
•  Black Water (toilet waste),
•  Gaseous waste (inert, hydrocarbons and others),
•  Biomedical waste, and
•  Sensitive document disposal.

ReddiVertSWPS’ ReddiVert system is specifically target to meet the military’s needs. Read more about ModuCore, ReddiVert and its advantages here.

Below are Sustainable Waste Power Systems’ offerings for the military industry utilizing our GIPO technology: