With the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010, costs for hospitals and clinics are increasing while at the same time revenues are decreasing.  This coupled with the fact that the cost for medical waste management increases year over year as the cost of fuel continues to rise.  Medical facilities are looking for way to reduce cost, or at best, stabilize the cost of medical waste management.

The SaniVert, by Sustainable Waste Power Systems (SWPS) is a system that safely sanitizes medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary waste, destroys it and reduces it to ash in an environmentally safe manner.  The waste consumed includes plastics, soiled paper and linen, latex, needles, body fluids and parts.  SaniVert supports The World Health Organization directive that all medical waste material is segregated at the point of generation, appropriately treated, and disposed of safely.

The SaniVert is cost effective.  It converts high cost medical waste to regular municipal waste at the same time reducing the overall volume by 90% to 93%.  Medical facilities can realize a cost savings of over 20% over its current waste disposal expense.

SaniVert: Sanitize and conVerts biologically contaminated waste.