Power Lines in FieldSustainable Waste Power Systems’ (SWPS) founding determination was to harness the unutilized potential of the world’s waste.  It seemed somehow wrong to us that a world fueled by drilling, mining, and burning fossil fuels is the same world that takes billions of tons of carbon based waste and simply discards it into piles or spends enormous energy to process it.  Is there somehow a way to utilize the chemical carbon bonds in garbage the way we do with fossil fuels?

RecycleAt the core of SWPS philosophy is a concern for energy efficiency and the environment the two go hand in hand.  That’s why SWPS GIPO technology is unique.  It processes a wide variety of waste streams sacrificing very little energy, leveraging those carbon bonds to fuel the waste destruction process.  What could be a better description of our GIPO technology than the three R’s?  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

  • Reduce.  We can take an enormous amount of volume of wet carbon based waste that is environmentally toxic, and reduce it to clean water, ash, hydrogen and hydrocarbons.
  • Reuse.  We reuse those hydrogen and hydrocarbons compounds to produce heat, energy, and fuel the GIPO process.
  • Recycle.  The resulting clean water and ash can be recycled back into the environment and as fertilizer respectively.

While every SWPS product has benefits for the environment, we have specific products that are tailored to tackle issues involving environmental response activities.  For example, our OSRP (Oil Spill Response) module is specifically designed and engineered to assist in oil spill cleanup response activities and processing the huge amount of soiled recovery materials that are generated in such a response.

Below are Sustainable Waste Power Systems’ offerings for the environmental industry utilizing our GIPO technology: