Power Lines

Sustainable Waste Power Systems’ (SWPS) founding determination was to harness the unutilized potential of the world’s waste.  Waste to energy, or energy from waste has been in use for hundreds of years, with the core concepts and processes virtually the same today.  Incineration, the combustion of organic material with energy recovery, has been in use since mankind’s ability to make fire.  Gasification, a process that converts organic or fossil based carbonaceous materials into combustible gasses, is relatively new concept having been in use for around two centuries.  Both incineration and gasification for energy production on industrial scale have inherent disadvantages, such has hazardous waste generation, pollution, and overall energy inefficiency.

GasSWPS GIPO technology revolutionizes the gasification process.  Our technology is not simply a retooling of the knowledge that exists today, but a completely reengineered process.  Gasification, which is typically a dry process, requires all the water to be removed from a material before the gasification can occur.  This requires an enormous amount of energy to accomplish; thus, significantly reducing the total energy output of the method.  SWPS GIPO technology is a wet gasification process, thus eliminating all the typical energy efficiencies of legacy systems and processes.  For more information on how SWPS’ process is different from the rest, please visit:  The GIPO Technology Advantage.

While every SWPS product at its core converts waste and produces available energy, we have specific products and solutions that are tailored for electricity generation.  PowerPak is an add-on module to our ModuCore system solution that utilizes the waste heat generated by the ModuCore to generate power using an Organic Rankin Cycle system.  Our GIPO Plant concept is a larger, permanent system which consumes 50 tons per day municipal solid waste and generates more than 3MW of clean electricity continuously.  This system is also modular to scale up or down depending on the waste stream.

Below are Sustainable Waste Power Systems’ offerings for the energy industry utilizing our GIPO technology: