Agricultural Waste Management



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Agricultural Waste Management is one of the biggest challenges for the highly modernized agriculture industry. In US, animal farms alone generate more than a BILLION tons of waste each year. With nutrient content limitations, there is not enough agricultural land to apply this waste.

Sustainable Waste Power Systems (“SWPS”) offers a solution for cost-effective and sustainable agricultural waste management. SWPS’ groundbreaking GIPOTM Modular Core (“ModuCORE”) system converts untreated agricultural waste into heat and electricity. ModuCORE employs SWPS’ patented and the worlds’ only wet gasification technology to process wet waste into useful energy, leaving only clean water and fertilizer grade mineral ash.

ModuCORE would lower your operational cost and help you become a cleaner and greener business.

To know about the application of ModuCORE in layer farms download our Layer CAFO Brochure.

Did you Know…

industryCapacity: A single ModuCORE unit can process all waste from an animal farm with upto 360 cows, or 3,600 hogs, or 110,000 chickens, or 50,000 turkeys, or 4,800 sheep, or 780 horses, or 70,000 ducks, and generate more than 600 kWh of electricity and 36 MMBTU of heat per day.
bulbCost Effective Electricity: The electricity generated by a single ModuCORE unit could offset up to $25,000/year in electricity costs (vs. $0.12/kWh).
1394827251_thermometerCost Effective Heat: The heat provided via hot water or combination of hot water and steam from a single ModuCORE system could offset more than $300,000/year in fuel costs (vs. $2.00/therm).
industryModularity & Flexibility: Multiple ModuCORE units and add-ons can be combined into a single system to offer increased capacity and flexibility to accommodate individual farms’ requirements.
trashCost Effective Disposal: The processing of waste using ModuCORE will eliminate storage and land application of waste. Resulting ash and water may be admitted to animal feed, or reed field for natural recycling or irrigation based fertilizer systems, thereby saving of up to $20/ton of waste disposal costs.
serverAutomation: The ModuCORE unit automates the waste handling system, reducing the financial burden and effort of manual dewatering and disposal. The intake system may be set up for nearly automatic operation through use of conveyors.
toolsEquipment and O&M Savings: ModuCORE displaces most of the current and future waste handling and heating equipment. SWPS maintains ModuCORE, thereby reducing the O&M burden. 
1394829345_money_bagNew Revenues: The facility, if situated in a protected watershed with active nutrient credit trading programs, may produce Nutrient Credits for Nitrogen and Phosphate removal. A system in Pennsylvania within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed area could realize up to $700,000/year in new revenue.


Performance.  Guaranteed.

  • 3 Dry TPD Equivalent Intake
  • Up to 85% water content
  • 25kW Electrical demand
  • Self-fueling after 1.5hr startup period
  • Fully self-governing controls package
  • Minimal customer operations requirements
  • SWPS Turn-key service
  • Standard Performance Guarantee
  • Standard Equipment Remote Monitoring
  • Equipment Maintenance by SWPS – Standard
  • 6-month fabrication, delivery, and installation schedule


ModuCore TruckBelow are Sustainable Waste Power Systems’ solutions for agricultural waste management utilizing our GIPO technology: