Have Prototype, Will Travel


The prototype is buttoned up and we are ready to roll!!!

If we do say so ourselves, it’s an amazing piece of engineering.  It’s the entire GIPO process all packaged up into a portable unit for demonstration purposes.  This enables us to travel the country to tell our story, and present the revolutionary system and design to those who can benefit from the technology.

You can see the technology in action in this video, validating the process.

We have demonstrations scheduled for April 8th April 15th at 2:00 pm for the Town of Ridgefield in Connecticut and April 17th through the 24th April 22nd through the 25th for Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana.  These informative demonstrations review the GIPO process for prospective customers and investors.

April 8th will be the general demonstration for various town and state officials as well as local waste management companies and hospitals.  We’ll be at Ridgefield Highway & Public Services, 60 South Street, Ridgefield, CT 06877 (map).  While in Plaquemines Parish, we’ll be at 242 F Edward Hebert Blvd, Belle Chasse, LA (map).

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SWPS is working with Plaquemines Parish to provide a cost effective solution for waste management for the parish. The parish has a number of pressing issues that are solved by SWPS.

  • High unemployment
  • General Fund subsidy for waste management costs
  • Over taxed waste water treatment facility in Belle Chasse

Providing 24 full time jobs, the GIPO plant will process all of the waste produced and collected by the parish eliminating the General Fund subsidy and become a net contributor to the parish’s general fund. The GIPO plant will be built next to the Belle Chase waste water treatment plant and will augment the existing waste water treatment capacity for the parish.

Future enhancements to the GIPO facility could include:

  • Additional capacity to accept waste from northern parishes and cities providing additional jobs for the parish
  • Fresh water desalination to provide fresh water to the parish’s water supply even during salt water intrusion in the Mississippi River

Look for us traveling through your town, we’ll be making history as we pass through!

We’ll be travelling along interstate 95 on the East Coast, and interstate 10 on the Gulf Coast.  Contact us to schedule a stop at your location!

[iframe src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Ridgefield,+CT&daddr=32.305145,-81.0444185+to:Plaquemines+Parish,+LA&hl=en&geocode=Fd_xdQIdO4Se-ymR_cf4W6rCiTGw4kXqMRWO1w%3BFfnv7AEdPlwr-ykvswcZYpH7iDHpwj9UgDLsaA%3BFeRyvwEdVruq-inplYoGJE2eiDGMoLn-zgCePA&aq=0&oq=Plaquemines+Parish&sll=35.209722,-79.584961&sspn=24.1388,53.569336&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=5&via=1&ie=UTF8&t=m&ll=35.245619,-80.244141&spn=25.020154,37.353516&z=4&output=embed” width=”100%” height=”480″]