ACDA’s Inaugural Distiller’s Convention March 13-15, 2014 in Denver

barrelsSustainable Waste Power Systems “SWPS” had the pleasure of attending both DStill, Denver and the American Craft Distillers Association convention during the week of March 13th through 15th.  Mike and Joe met with over 100 distilleries and presented to the co-product management seminar on Saturday afternoon.  The convention was a great forum to meet distillers and discuss their needs in terms of waste management and energy costs.

Many companies are still feeling the sting after this winter’s excessive propane costs, and many distillers are keenly interested in stabilizing and reducing their energy costs while managing their waste in a safe, eco-friendly way. We thank the ACDA again for hosting us, and we are happy that we were able to provide the attending membership with useful knowledge of co-product management options, including conventional waste management and treatment strategies as well as our and other waste to energy options.

SWPS’ ACDA Co-Product Management presentation “The Helpful Guide to Handling Your Stillage” can be viewed here.

The ModuCore unit will be able to destroy the wet grain waste in a clean and effective manner leaving only clean water and fertilizer grade mineral ash. The process of waste destruction will provide nearly all of the heat required by the distilling process while eliminating energy and cost associated with waste dewatering and disposal.

About ACDA: The American Craft Distillers Association is a Trade Association organized and operated exclusively by licensed craft distillers to promote the common business and regulatory interests of and to improve the business conditions for craft distilling in the United States. ACDA’s mission as a not-for-profit Trade Association is to promote and protect craft distilling in North America. About DSTILL: DSTILL is a weeklong (March 10-16, 2014) experience of American small-batch distillers featuring spirit tastings and craft cocktail events in Denver, Colorado. DSTILL is a project of the Colorado Distillers Guild in partnership with Something Independent. Proceeds benefit the Colorado Distillers Guild. For more information: