About Us

Sustainable Waste Power Systems, Inc. (“SWPS”) is the inventor and developer of Garbage In–Power Out “GIPO®” technology. This patented process is the first economically and ecologically viable wet waste-to-energy technology in the world, providing the first real solution for wet waste management through clean conversion of agricultural waste to heat and power.

SWPS provides products and services built around its patented waste-to-energy system.  SWPS is commercializing this new, patented, clean, waste-to-energy conversion process through the manufacture and sale of small-scale, on-site, waste-to-energy conversion systems with net positive economic benefit for the customer.  The primary markets are the Alcoholic Beverage Producers (ABP) and Agricultural Farm and Ranch (AG) markets where the GIPO systems will process spent grain and manure into clean, reliable heat and power.

SWPS provides on-site waste destruction and energy production in the GIPO™ Modular Gasification System. The GIPO Modular Core (ModuCore™) is packaged in a 40’ Hi-Cube ISO shipping container and is ready to convert 15 tons of wet waste (80% water content) into high grade, useful heat in the form of steam and hot water.  Additionally, a customer may choose to generate 50kW of electricity using an optional PowerPAK add-on module.

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